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My Views On Workday - The ATS

2020-06-20 11:54:30

This post is actually for my recruiting colleagues, so to my job seeking audience, if you have input as a candidate about the application process for Workday, feel free to leave a comment.

I am going to preface this by stating my long-held and validated (frequently) belief: if a company makes a fabulous HRIS, their ATS is probably mediocre - at best. The reverse is also true. Fantastic ATS does not generally equate to an equally awesome HRIS.

With that I am going to state that Workday is by far one of the top three HRIS systems on the market. The problem with their add-on module is the same as every other HRIS I have encountered trying to create an add-on ATS: the two systems are *VERY DIFFERENT* in terms of what the power user needs.

An ATS needs two equally robust view options: the requisition view, and the candidate view. The workflows need to be flexible as well as compliant. Reporting should be easy, flexible, and customizable. Hiring Managers, business leaders, and Talent Acquisition should *all* be able to look at any part of a recruiting process and get an overview with very little trauma.

I have worked with a wide variety of ATS' in my time. Until I met Workday, my least favorite was Taleo from a user standpoint (and also because the candidate application experience is horrendous). Workday has supplanted Taleo. My main dislike of Workday is the same frustration I feel with my LinkedIn Recruiter inbox: lack of filtering capabilities. I also really disliked the implementation I endured because of the dependencies from one workflow action to the next. The implementation was set up in such a way that I could not do anything about a workflow until the next person on the workflow function completed their action. So if someone was out of the office, or could not be reached, I was stuck unless I escalated to the next delegate (and since delegates in this particular implementation were by default the user's manager that could be problematic. Ask me about the approval for an IC offer that escalated to my CEO traveling in China. Go ahead...ask me.) Whether it was hiring manager review, RC scheduling, opening a was frustrating and clunky.

My contempt for it as a system is growing by leaps and bounds on a weekly basis. I spent HOURS trying to re-level a requisition, update an offer, and go through the approval process. THREE calls with IT support, 2 video calls with my mentor, and FINALLY got it to the right place so I could actually GIVE THE CANDIDATE AN OFFER.

I often wonder if the product managers that create ATS modules for HRIS systems actually *talk* to recruiters to find out what they want. If anyone out there with an HRIS is considering an ATS module, I am HAPPY to be resource. I have worked for agencies, small companies, mid-size growing organizations, and global TA groups at companies like Microsoft and HP. PLEASE ask me for my views.

For the record, my preferred ATS brands are Lever and Jobvite. I have heard good things about Greenhouse, and I liked Zoho Recruit. I also implemented Taleo Small Business, and it was great for a smaller organization.

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Erica C.: Re: - My Views On Workday - The ATS
2022-09-08 11:03:26

Love this! spoken like a true recruiting professional.

I have always been a fan of Bullhorn as an ATS but i've only ever encountered it once.

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