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Understanding Your Audience

2012-11-07 13:38:10

WARNING: this is a politically-themed post.

In the aftermath of last night's US Presidential election, I have to say: the GOP leadership just doesn't *get* it. Their base, that is. In an interview on Mother Jones, of the DC RNC party attendees summed up what I see as the major issue for the GOP this election cycle: "Republicans from Mitt Romney on down let themselves get too entangled with social issues like abortion. "Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot," she said. Conservatives are "completely right on economics, but they're completely wrong on social issues." (

I have plenty of fiscally conservative or moderate friends that don't like the concept of "big government"; but most of them are socially moderate or liberal and cannot believe how extreme the candidates across the party, both incumbent and new to the race, have been platforming on social issues. Women's rights, especially, went a long way toward tipping the scales yesterday. Many of them are not happy about being "forced" to vote either democrat or independent (lots of Gary Johnson supporters in my circle.) As one of my friends wrote,

"When you start a war on women you only need to dig one grave--because we are going to bury you in it.

I hope tonight is a wake-up call to the GOP that conservatives want our party back. You can't be conservative and a religious fanatic. Talmudic law is not US law. Individual freedom applies to ALL citizens, not just the people who think like you. "

Government is no different than business. When you are courting a potential customer/client/audience, you need to understand what is important to them and message your brand accordingly.

I only hope that things in the US government change. Soon. I don't want our country torn apart again in 4 years.

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Joe Marfice: Re: - Understanding Your Audience
2012-11-13 22:04:32

Well said. Tying yourself to an unpopular opinion, or a heavy rock, is no way to succeed in business, or swimming.

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