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Conquent: Without Limits
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A Twitter Success Story

2009-04-30 08:15:25

1)I met a Recruiter on Twitter at a very prestigious organization in Ohio (where I'm from originally).

2) Two days ago, I got an email from my family in OH requesting niche job board recommendations for friend of my brother.

3) I did a bit of research on niche job boards, and found out that the prestigious organization has a job opening that fits the resume of the family friend looking for a job.

4) Send resume to contact, who forwarded it on to the appropriate recruiter, who sent me an email requesting the candidate/family friend to apply online.

5) Forwarded the email to the family friend *with recruiter contact including name, email address, and phone number*. She now has a direct person to contact.

6) Am having dinner with my original Twitter contact when I'm in OH in 2 weeks.

That, my friends, is what networking is all about.

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Beth: Re: - A Twitter Success Story
2009-08-07 07:39:12

Let us know how it turns out... does family friend get the job?

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