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How To Immediately Disqualify Yourself From A Job

2011-02-02 08:34:51
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Yesterday I was going through over 100 resumes for an executive assistant. The requirements were pretty broad: three years of EA experience and proficiency with Microsoft Office at least for the first round of evaluations.

So here are two things I saw which *disqualified candidates immediately*. The first was a functional resume. Why does that disqualify you? Because I cannot tell what jobs have relevant experience to compare against the job description. If you cannot tell me WHEN and WHERE you did specific job duties, I'm not passing you on to a hiring manager because there are at least 30 other candidates that can show me exactly what they have done that is relevant.

The other thing that actually appalled me? FIVE resume without DATES on them of employment history. And there are plenty of candidates that have been out of the workforce over a year that are still in the running. But dates on employment are a required part of applying for *any* job and just not bothering to put them on there is worse than shooting yourself in the foot.

So if you have been applying a lot of places and not hearing back, you may want to re-evaluate your resume and make sure that you are putting your best and most *logical* foot forward.

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Laura .: Re: - How To Immediately Disqualify Yourself From A Job
2011-09-05 23:22:10

If a person has been out of work for over a year but has done volunteer work can that be added to the resume? Would that be too amateurish?

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