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Conquent: Without Limits
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What Employers Want

2011-01-17 18:32:29

I got an intenresting response to my column last week. The question was from someone that had gone back to school to get a degree, but was now overqualified as an administrative professional but underqualified as a communications manager.

But the comments I got were from a hiring manager and I wanted to share it here:

"We have had 4 hires for 2 positions and had one work out. We are looking for someone organized; willing to follow up; willing to show up to work; smart; willing to learn; and not a drama queen. We are willing to spend the time teaching the industry. You would think, given the economy, that we would find many. We have many applicants but few who can demonstrate or have the qualities that an employer really wants which is more than a piece of paper saying you went to class.

Perhaps you could find a way to help work the employer's perspective into your column(s.) It might for people to understand why they don't get hired or why they are let go. It not frequently age, race, etc. as you imply in your ageism comment. I believe employers will take good people assuming one can find one. I know we keep people if they perform even if it hurts to carry some extra cost."

Notice the important points he makes? Professional; smart; organized; willing to show up; not a "drama queen".

This is a small company in a growing field (biotech). He is looking for someone to lead his office. Folks, it is a buyer's market right now. YOU are the sellers. I received a resume today from someone that attended a resume seminar I conducted last week, and guess what was on her original resume? She is looking for a job that will give her the flexibility to have a family.

Now, while that is a fine goal for yourself, it is guaranteed to send up red flags to a potential employer. The message this sends is of someone that is not going to stick around after becoming a parent, or even worse, expect an employer to work around her decision to have a family if she stays. In other words, a drama queen.

Think about what kind of a professional you are Not just how you present yourself when looking for a job, but also after you are *on* the job.

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