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Conquent: Without Limits
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A Full Moon?

2009-10-15 14:59:42

Today is international Blog Awareness Day, and the subject is climate change. I'm going to tie this into recruiting by talking first about how the moon affects tides, and how if we continue to send *bombs* to the moon, we very well may change the oceans' tides.

But beyond that, I wonder what would happen to all the "crazy" people that really do seem to emerge when there is a full moon? I know it seems like an old wives' tale, but I have seen an increase in inexplicable behavior when the moon is full. Honest.

What makes us do things that seem to make little or no sense? For example, today I was at a job fair at a local community college. Signs everywhere that this was a *job* fair. I was there recruiting for the University. And we had several people come up to our table asking how they can transfer. (Come again? I have no idea, I work in *recruiting*. For *jobs*.) But I think the one that really threw me for a loop more than anything was the question "what kind of jobs do you have open?" My response is, "well, what are you looking for, what is your background?"\


OK, that really doesn't help me. If you are talking to employers, you should have a basic idea of what you are either interested in (you *are* in school, right? You must be studying *something*. Try using that for a guideline...) or what you have done in the past.

So please at least come a bit prepared when you are going to talk to me about jobs. Do us both a favor and try and make a good impression. Don't let NASA's experiments with blowing up the moon and changing the tides affect you like a maniac.

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